• 90 Day Addiction Rehab

    We walk the path of sobriety with you from rehab to a life after addiction.

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Our New 90-Day
Treatment Program

Burning Tree has a long-standing commitment to helping individuals who have been through multiple courses of treatment obtain permanent sobriety.

Since 1999, our approach to treatment has been effective in helping clients suffering from addiction and their families find peace and a new way of life.

We are pleased to introduce our new 90 day drug and alcohol treatment program.

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Finding the Right Rehab

Families and individuals seeking help, maybe for the very first time, would learn about the success stories that come from Burning Tree, and call us for help. We found ourselves all too often, explaining to these families that we specialize in treating individuals who have already been through multiple treatment centers, subsequently having to refer them on.

Burning Tree has made the decision to deepen our commitment of service by offering a 90-day course of treatment to serve more clients and families.

Life Changing Principles of Recovery

Our Director of Admissions, Beth Legacki, who has been on the front line connecting desperate families with much needed help and support says it best:

“From where we are sitting we have watched the devastation of addiction run its course over many years. Because of this experience, we feel we have a unique and valuable insight on the manifestation of specific behaviors, family dynamics and quite frankly, lack of direction and support from previous treatment providers. Getting a jump on these identifying characteristics, dynamics and deficits will allow us to interrupt and address these things from being reinforced over and over, until the web of addiction becomes even more confusing and entangled. The Burning Tree 90 day drug and alcohol treatment program does not believe in softening our researched approach. We respect this disease, our clients, and our families enough to give them a very direct, honest and un-diluted truth about addiction.”

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If you or a loved one is ready to start down the path of a life of sobriety, we’re here to help.