The Lodge 90 Day Program

Continuum of Care

Accurate Assessment of Treatment Needs

We understand the economic necessity to use insurance benefits. Our staff will work to facilitate insurance reimbursement when possible. Because clients admitting to the Lodge, may have had limited exposure to treatment and recovery principles, we provide clients with some education about the way addiction affects their mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, all of these are addressed in our holistic approach to treatment. In addition to the addiction treatment counseling all clients participate in, we provide the following services concurrently when needed:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medication Management
  • Mental Health Counseling

Effective Treatment Planning

Our clinical team combines their knowledge and expertise to identify the behavioral patterns that increase the likelihood of a relapse. From day one, clients are asked to practice the skills that are necessary for achieving sobriety. In addition, we take every client’s unique and individual story into consideration, and begin to establish an action plan specific to that individual’s treatment needs. Our clinical team devotes a great deal of time each week to assessing the progress of each client, making adjustments to treatment plans as necessary.

Practice Sober Living Principles

In our experience it is not enough to learn about addiction and receive information. Our treatment approach focuses on practicing new behaviors and establishing new patterns to prevent relapse. Treatment activities focus on increasing clients’ capacity to be authentic and honest with themselves and others. We do not waste any opportunity to teach recovery principles while clients are in our care. All daily activities have therapeutic value and are intentionally scheduled so that clients begin to learn the importance of a routine, physical self care, taking responsibility for their living environment, healthy interpersonal communication, accountability, commitment, and follow through.


Continuing Care Planning and Coordination

A 90-day course of treatment is just the beginning. Our clinical team begins developing a transition plan the first week of treatment. In order to give the client the best chance for success, after-care is vital. In some cases, more treatment may be necessary in order to ensure a client’s chance for long-term sobriety. In other cases, a client may have made satisfactory progress and be ready to be transitioned to a lower level of care. In all cases, it is our commitment to the clients and families we serve that our recommendations are centered on the goal of permanent sobriety.