Our Philosophy and Approach:

Love, Service, Excellence

The Healing Process

Addiction makes it impossible for people, in its grips, to be honest, trustworthy, live in integrity, or be authentic. Our clients come to treatment, broken and hopeless. Family members are haunted by guilt and don’t know where to turn for help that is actually going to work. We have a deep affection and a profound sense of compassion for the people we serve.

We have watched the most severe and chronic cases heal and go on to thrive, and we have helped many family members find the peace of mind they deserve, after years of anguish not knowing if their loved one will live or die.

Modeling the Principles of Recovery

Our clinical team is dedicated to modeling the principles of recovery that we introduce to clients in treatment. We believe that fundamental to long-term sobriety, is living a purposeful life that serves our families and community. Service work is not necessarily about doing acts to be a “good person”. Helping clients to discover their gifts, abilities, and capacity to be useful fosters self-esteem, integrity, and connection.

Excellence in All Aspects

We believe in delivering our services with excellence. Following through on commitments, attention to detail, and being intentional in all aspects of our work, are principles that guide us. We view the responsibility of caring for our clients as sacred. As a team demonstrating these values through action, we help clients understand the importance of being authentic. Information is helpful, but in order for treatment to be effective, the behaviors and patterns that lead to chronic relapse need to be addressed.

Our team is committed to working hard to not let clients just get through treatment, and we have years of experience dealing with the clients who outright fight treatment, or “skate” through treatment, who charm their way through, or fly below the radar never really dealing with core issues.

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